Gluten Free Infinity & Beyond was established in 2007 as a center for health promotion and education.

Our goal is to initiate and participate in activities that enhance the health of the Gulf Coast.

Infinity offers nutritional counseling for weight loss, smoking cessation, Candida and a complete line of organic and all natural foods geared toward a gluten free lifestyle.

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We have the largest selection of Gluten Free / Allergy Friendly foods on the coast including these pictured below.


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Gluten Free is a challenge on the Gulf coast.

There are not a lot of restaurants that have a Gluten Free Menu, and most stores, while they do at least have a gluten free product section, have a very limited selection.

I opened a health food store in 2007 because so many people wanted truly healthy food including me but it was not available. I loved it my vegan lifestyle but I was still suffering with severe migraines and my research showed that gluten free could help. I started my gluten free lifestyle in June 2010 and realized that once again there was a very small selection of gluten free food on the coast. All I wanted was a cookie one weekend and there was nothing. Even my store had no gluten free which made me decide in January 2011 to turn my store into the Gluten Free Headquarters where people can freely shop without worrying.

With the exception of a single shelf of items stocked for long-time customers, the entire store is gluten free: baked goods, snack foods, pasta, mixes, drinks, frozen foods, canned goods, vitamins and supplements, and more.

Melisa’s favorite?

My favorite food is the Chébé Pizza Crust. It is soft on the inside and crispy outside like a pizza crust should be. I like to make calzones with it by adding some minced garlic and Braggs Sprinkle Seasoning to the crust and filling them with sautéed ground turkey, seasoning blend and white cheese. YUM! Then I follow this with my favorite dessert which is the Dowd & Rogers Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix and Pamela’s Cream Cheese Frosting.

Melisa is a fountain of information for people trying to follow a gluten free diet, whether they are new to the journey or have been eating this way for years.

Many people who are new to a gluten free lifestyle try so many foods that just don’t taste good and the baking/cooking is so different. At Infinity my goal is to help people find foods they enjoy. All our foods have been handpicked by our customers so we know they are delicious. If you have tried something and it passed the Mississippi taste test then tell us so we can all enjoy our gluten free life.

When you are making a mix with predominantly rice flour it can have a grainy taste and texture that most people do not really enjoy. Stop in to Infinity & Beyond, and ask Melisa for her secret “recipe” to fix it!

Infinity and Beyond the Gulf Coast’s Gluten Free Headquarters